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Funky Lounge Concept

This was one of my favorite commissions this year so far. As well as it was the first project I did using Tinkercad, we were partnered up in class to each assign some kind of "furniture" project. My client, wanted a funky lounge office. "A place where she can lounge about, but still be able to work for long periods of time."
I researched some ergonomic designs, and given the limited abilities with Tinkercad, I went to work to create a couch that has a pull down tray that she could place her laptop on to work on her art whilst laying down, a desk that has a peg to adjust the height/angle of the desk. I also designed a little "lazy susan" inspired cabinet, to place her supplies into, where it can rotate for convenient storage, and a chair with ergonomic back and knee support, with a bar in front she can lean over onto without straining/hunching her back as well.